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Horses vs. Ponies What do you think it's better for children?

Horses vs. Ponies What do you think it's better for children?
Depends on the age and height of the kid but my only regret when getting my first horse is he's a bit small. And I think most peoples and children's first horses will be forever horses so best not get a forever horse they could outgrown. As you'll have to have two then 😂😊
Ponies! They are the most adorable and annoying thing to a child, they learn how to ride and above all they learn gold lessons with ponies. Like failing is inevitable, love above a good or a bad day, to deal with deception, with amazing moments, and above all never to quite because you have a tiny little friend
It depends on the horse and rider
It depend on the person but i learned to ride on horses when i has younger
Ponies, I know that smaller never means safer but I'm 14 and have grown up having so much fun on ponies under 13 hands, however it depends on the child's confidence and strength
I think it depends on the rider(their age, their height, how skilled they are) and the pony(the behavior, how much training it's had)
Drafts. Many drafts are very relaxed and laid back and have never met a spooky one and the child will learn how to sit the gaits a lot easier as well as drafts are actually pretty flowy and smooth when ridden I love them.
Depends on the rider. I have a 5'8" 12 yo and a 4'0" 12 yo. I would try to keep them on the ponies as long as I can