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What colours should I put on my chestnut gelding?

What colours should I put on my chestnut gelding?
I have navy blue and grey on mine ❤️
I like burgundy and teals
I think white or Forrest green is nice! I saw a saddle pad on green hawk or cavalier that was white with dark green stunning that would be stunning!
Blues, greens and sometimes black can look amazing on chestnut horses
Dark/hunter green looks AMAZING on chestnut horses
Turqoise blue looks good on chestnuts
Navy blue or hunter green look really good on my chestnut
No red! Red on chestnuts is not a good look or combo. Stick to forest green or just black and white. One color I noticed that popped is french blue. Contrast orangey coats with blues and redder coats with greens. Also, black and white does not mean boring when it comes to chestnuts. Play around with the piping around a black or white saddle pad. Adding a little (emphasis on little) silver for a zest of excitement can also work.
Hunter green and light/dark blue is my favorite!
burgundy, hunter green, or navy😍😍
Hunter green looks amazing on chestnuts. Also orange (I wasn't sure about this colour but my chestnut looks amazing on it!).