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How to react when loosing a stirrup?

How to react when loosing a stirrup?
Pretend like you are doing a no stirrups lesson and act like nothing happened
Stay calm! Make it look like nothing happened! I would definitely suggest doing some training without stirrups or even just go for a bareback hack and practice your balance together!
Best is doing no stirrup work with your horse so it improves your balance so if you are in that situation when you lose your stirrup you are covered
take a deep breath!!
Stay calm and don't freak your horse out but try to just slide your foot in
Ride like normal and keep going on the course! Try and get it back if you have a while between jumps, but try not to stop if you can.
Just stay calm I have lost mine a couple of times and just left it for a bit but then got it back
I just put my leg on like I'm riding bareback😂😊
keep calm, and dont ever lose focus on what you are doing
Sit back and keep your eyes up the worst thing you can do is panick try to pick it up while you're riding but if you are unable to lean back and ask your horse to halt or slow down so you can have a chance to pick it back up
Stay calm and dont stop or look down and camly get your stirrup back. In my lesson i have, my instructor makes us take our feet out the stirrups and without looking get it back while still trotting or walking. This is very helpful to prepair for a situation when you are out and you lose your stirrup. 👍🏻
Keep riding! Do not stop to get your stirrup back and especially do not look down to try and gain your stirrup. Take a deep breath and search for the stirrup calmly, trying not to distract or confuse your horse. Exercises at home practicing taking both feet out of the stirrup and putting them back in can help prepare you for when a stirrup is lost in competition or in the middle of an exercise.
Calmly get your stirrup back without losing balance !!
Try get your stirrup back without losing balance or spooking your horse. If you can't get it back, do not tense your leg and just continue riding. Tensing your leg will make you grip with your knees, causing imbalance that can result in a fall. I advise you practice work without stirrups at home. Do lots of flat work so you can work on balance & then move on to jumping when you feel confident to do so
Hello Jack,
The first thing to do is before entering the course, because often we lose the stirrups because they are badly adjusted either too long or too short. The second thing to do before doing a course is to wipe his shoes, often sand or a wet sole can slip.
If you still lose your stirrups during a journey, do not panic, you must remain hyper calm, stand straight, and pretend you were galloping sitting and regain your balance.
Afterwards, you can either try to re-shoe without stopping; Either you stop and you go back. But by doing this in competition, you risk having points wrong ...
Most of the time, if one does not succeed in rechussing one continues and one leaps without stirrup not to stop, it is a little risked especially if there are big jumps. Afterwards you can learn to jump without a stirrup like that, if it happens you will know how to manage even if they are big jumps (the solution: session of obstacle saddle).
Have a good day :)
Just keep riding!!!!! That is why you should always do no stirrup work at home to prepare you for it☺️