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How can ground work improve a horse's performance?

How can ground work improve a horse's performance?
It helps the horse engage in the work more and lets the horse know where their feet are 😂😂
Balance is a major key. Once you've mastered balance, jumping will be so much smoother for you and the horse
Hello Molly,
Working on foot greatly improves sports performance. The key is that on the ground one can get the confidence of the horse (reduce the leak) and the connection (horse centered on the human). I think when a horse is less in flight and is not afraid of the outside environment, there is automatically an increase in its sporting abilities. I find that being beside the horse and not on brings much, one can more easily understand the operation of our horse. One can also create other codes with the horse and thus improve the mounted performances. I find that working on foot brings only positives for the rider and the horse.
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