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What is the best way to remember a long hard course?

What is the best way to remember a long hard course?
Keep going over it and try to repeat it in your head as fast as possible, or visualize yourself on the cour
My suggestion would be to try and learn the course as early as possible, so you have as much time to learn it as you can! You can also remember each jump as a number, i personally do this and it is especially great for bigger shows where they do call backs/testing. They call each jump by a number, but rearrange the order, so it is important to know which jump was which number. Also as Morgan said calling the jumps by colors or a distinct feature like "green oxer"
Hi Quin,
What helps me is remembering the colors of the jumps and their placement. For example the red flowers on the outside to diagonal purple, and so on. Go over it multiple times, and imagine that you are riding the course before you actually do. That way you can incision the path, and maybe it will be familiar.
Hope this