My horse started rubbing the top of his tail out it doesn't look good and I don'y know what to do. How can I get him to stop doing that and any suggestions on ways to grow the hair back?

Coconut oil!
My horses tail fell out before due to a tail bandage being left on, I massaged it with coconut oil then put Manuka honey on it, it's not clean but if it's badly broken off it will help it grow back
i used to put Listerine mouthwash in the top;)
First see if there is a pest bugging him, ticks, lice, worms. Etc.treat the cause. Wash the tail with an antidandruf, Then use milking cream, coconut oil or a specialized hair growth product (avoid Vaseline, I've heard it can block the pores and make the hair fall out..) good luck ☺️
You can wrap the top of your horses tail to keep him/her from rubbing and you can buy ointments and shampoos to help grow back the hair
Use killich emulsion great for sweet itch and that stuff
My horse always rubs his tail when we don't worm on time or you might need to wash is to get all the dirt and dry skin out.
My horse does the same thing I use vet rap use Vaseline,coconut oil and olive oil
Vet tape saved my horses tail! Rub some coconut oil in the roots and wrap in vet tape, make sure you change it though. It's cheap too!
I know there are tail wraps
His tail may just need a good wash !!
For a temporary solution, I would buy a tail guard or wrap the horses tail in polos.
*worming, not working, sorry!
Before putting products on, I would try to figure out the cause first. This is really commonly a symptom of a sheath that needs cleaning, so I would definitely give him a very thorough clean and be sure to rinse well. Hopefully that'll solve the issue!
Another thing it can indicate are worms, so be sure to look into your working schedule and fecal counts to see if he might be in need of a deworming
@devonshaw19 thank you! and he gets worked about 5 days a week
I would definitely try original MTG( mane tail groom) it's is a yellow oily liquids but works miracles and when was the last time he was worked
Give the tail bone a good deep scrub and moisturize the skin
You can buy a tail guard. They are mainly used for trailering but could be used 24/7.
try to put vinegar in his tail and give him biotin
watered down listerine will help stop the rubbing, not sure about how to help he hair grow back...
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