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How to read your horse's blood test?

How to read your horse's blood test?
Hello Amber,
It's a bit like us humans, you have to look at each molecule and see if the results are average or not.
For example :
Erythrocyte or Hematitis or red blood cells -> 6 to 12 téra/L or 6 000 000 to 12 000 000/mm3 -> Transport of oxygen
Leukocytes or white blood cells -> 6-9 giga/L ou 6000 à 9000/mm3 -> Immune defense
Hemoglobin -> 110-190 g/L or 11 à 19 g/100 ml -> Transport of oxygen
It's true that it looks very complicated but once we understood the system it is much easier :)
I hope this helps you !!