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I've been searching for courses in equine studies (found some in england that sound interresting). Any propositions?

I've been searching for courses in equine studies (found some in england that sound interresting). Any propositions?
Hi Maria,

If you're still looking, I can highly recommend Nottingham Trent University, they offer a variety of equine courses, from Foundation courses and BSc to MRe and MSc's! Drop me a message if you want to know more, I study Equestrian Psychology and Sports Science here!
@jaymixx that's great I hope I can get there someday!
I studied in England at bishop burton college. It was great and I would highly recommend. They have competitions often and are extremely helpful. Because I got my qualifications in horses I was able to become a permanent resident in Australia working with horses and I couldn't be happier😀😀
@abbyosullivan Hey! I checked it out it seems great, is it more leaned towards dressage or showjumping?
Definetly hartpury college! Their facilities are amazing and you can even bring your own horse with you to their stables! Strongly recommend!
Woho! We are neighbours! 😎😂
@silviagarrapuza Okeeey!! Thanks so much for your awnsers, i'm gonna start digging and then I'll ask you if I have any questions! Btw hey I'm portuguese we are not that far apart!! 😉✌🏼
I'm not sure if in Germany there are these courses ( I think there aren't because I know there are lots of german students in the uni i want to study in) but in The Netherlands (these two countries are close to eachother but they are different ones) you have the option of studying it in Dutch or in English! 🎉🎊 But sometimes they ask you to make an application first, presenting your CV, motivation letter, your most recent marks, and at least have 2 years of experience at university (That's what they asked me when I applied last November) but it depends of the uni, just get informed about all the possibilities, compare and contact theses unis!

If you need something else, write me a private message or anything you need! I love to talk about this topic! ❤

Hugs from Spain!
@silviagarrapuza Of course it is! Are the schools you looked up in germany all in english?
Hi Maria! I know there are a lot of answers, hahaha. This september I was expenting to go to the Netherlands to study International Equine Business Management bachelor degree in Dronten (Flevoland), but in the end they decided to postpone it for 2018/19 year. 😑
As I know in The Netherlands there are some universities which offer this degree (or similars) and the fees are not really expensive (mostly they are quite cheap for EU students).
Also, I found different equestrian courses in Spain organized by a Equestrian Centre and the University of Murcia. They are online which is great but I'm not sure if they offer them in English too.

Hope it helps!
@klennon that is very helpful! Thank you so much!
Have a look on the Elite Equine Recruitment website they post horse related jobs and this might help you identify what jobs are available in the horse industry. All the best. 🐴
University of Guelph has some equine programs onsite and online! I know theres another equine studies program offered somewhere in British Columbia, as well as a french school in Quebec. Good luck!
@xdarkstarrx The horse industry is cruel indeed! I wasn't looking for money in it, I have a degree in tourism, a company of my own and 4 running projects.
This is what i'm gonna do, no matter how hard I have to try.
But thank you for your anwser, i get your point, it really is just for some!
When I was 18, all I thought I had was horses as well. I had an extremely hard time picking a major. Horses were my life and all that I wanted to do. I went with Psych, and loved it. I've graduated and am working towards a Masters, but I still groom on the weekends, I still ride and teach lessons. I took a break between Undergrad and Grad to train horses, groom at WEF, and compete. So yes, trust me. Horses are all I ever want to do.
But the horse industry is back breaking, with sometimes inconsistent pay, and rarely any health benefits, forget about a 401k.

And at 18, you're saying so? That doesn't matter to me, this is what I love. Trust me it matters when you're working 70 hours a week, only making 650, and trying to pay for rent and dog food. Then you get a double ear infection and have to pay 200 dollars because you don't have insurance.
@xdarkstarrx You have your point BUT "horses" are what I find enjoying, this is what I want to do for my life, and believe it or not, it's never gonna be something 'on the side' for me. For me "anything else" I could do is a joke. Besides, I've been working in a farm since I was 18 and I have experience (not enough of course - it's never enough) , perhaps an equine studies master degree would simply help me choose an area in the "horse" world. And hey! every new expirence is an adventure!
Equine Studies is kind of a joke. Farms and Pros, will hire you based on talent and experience. Not a piece of paper. And if you spend all that money on school, and just end up wanting something different, you can't, because that degrees, means barely anything in the real world. Better to go to school for something else you find joy in, and do horses on the side, and take a working student position.
@anneliesmcevoy thank you so much, I'll check it out!
@jackrobbin thank you so much I'll check it out tonight and give you a feedback
@mariateresapavese That's totally fair, and I'm guessing there some fantastic options in Europe! You definitely don't have to choose one area now, and if you go to an equine-specific school, you'll be able to choose a bunch of intro classes to try different things out.
Using the term "equine studies" is super broad, so there won't be any class that would cover it all. There's everything from nutrition, physiology, performance, business, management, veterinarian, chiropractor, and massage courses in the equine field, and many more. If you can narrow it down to some sort of area (ie, sciences, business, etc.) it may make it easier to choose a school. Think about your end goal, where you'd like to see yourself in a career. For example, if you don't want to be an equine vet, don't take a pre-vet program.
However, don't feel like you need to pick right away or be amazing instantly. I took 2 years of intro courses before picking the direction I wanted to go in, so give yourself time to explore!
This is an overview of the programs offered at Guelph. It might give you an idea of the options under equine studies, and then you can start looking into options closer to you!