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What are some of the techniques you use to break a horse?

What are some of the techniques you use to break a horse?
Lunging works very well. I leased a horse who was very green and I trained him and I would work on things until he got it. Don't let them get away with things. Teach them what is right and what is wrong. Be very firm with them (not to firm ;) )
Long reining, lunging, lean on their backs with somebody supporting you leg, ( I've helped break in 2 exmoor ponies and a very cheeky Shetland)
Long reining the horse before getting on them is so important, long reining is how you get the horse to have a good mouth and understand basic aids left, right, stop and go
I've personally never broken in a horse, but I do suggest making sure to do a lot of flat work before even considering jumping or poles. If your completely starting from scratch with a horse, I would put the saddle on and keep them on a line while they get used to the saddle; also, when getting on the horse for the first time, make sure to stay on a line, it will be easier if they try anything. When the horse is used to the flat work, using poles to get proper striding is helpful for when the horse starts to jump lines. Again, I've never personally broken in a horse, but I've read about techniques like this. .