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What are the toxic plants for horses?

What are the toxic plants for horses?
Cherry plants and fallen leaves aren’t safe for them either
Creeping indigo is highly toxic to horses. I lost my last mare to it.
Black walnut
Also horsetail and I THINK the least deadly is buttercup
The ones that are tasty and very deadly are oleander and yew- they work quickly and taste good to the horses. But there's also rhododendrons, nightshades, etc
Oak trees(acorns), bracken, yew, sycamore, ragwort, buttercups
Hello Maddy,
It's a good question... Unfortunately, they are numerous. For the safety of horses and especially their health it is better to know them all. The most toxic species for the horse are:
Great Absinthe, Aconite, Adonis, Anemones, Arnica, Belladonna, Male Fern (Rhizome), Ellébores, leaves, fruits, stems of If, intoxicating weed, Pure oleanders, Laurier-Cerise, Black nightshade, Horsetail, Rhododendron, leaves and dried fruits of Ciguës, Rue (Mediterranean basin), Sycamore maple, Sabine (Faux Cyprès ), The leaves of Buis (Buxus sempervirens), the Semen-Contra, the Ergot of Rye, Vesce (Vicia sativa), the Vératre of the mountains, Thuya, Tobacco, Colchique (Autumn Narcissus, Safran Bâtard) , The Jacobean Sénecon, the Euphorbes, the Ferula, the Poppies, the Datura Stramoine, the Digitales.