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If I ride a mare and lover her, but sometimes she does not listen to me, should I ride a gelding instead?

If I ride a mare and lover her, but sometimes she does not listen to me, should I ride a gelding instead?
No. Horses can have bad days just like humans and that gives you something to work on with her too. Everyone will say geldings are less sassy but honestly I have a ottb gelding who is the biggest girl ever. Just stay with her and learn with her ☺️
If u love her u should stick with her it might not be easy but u guys can do it. I rode this one horse and she was perfect but then I rode her again and she was spooking a lot and she is 35 years old and she was bucking so stay with uur mare u will DJo it
Riding is all about partnership. I'm sure some days you are irritated by your mare. Same is true for her. No relationship will be perfect, but build your connection strong enough and you'll move past that. Never give up on an animal over your own mixed feelings.
Mates are sometimes more work then gelding, but that doesn't mean you should give up!! Work with her, lunge her and get used to her habits and try to fix them. Ride her more often and you will get better
I think it really depends on the horse:) Gender, though can be an easy stereotype, doesn't determine the personality of a horse.
Geldings are brill but so are mares. I have one of both and i would definatly say all the mares i have ridden and alot naughtyer than the geldings. The mare i have now i naughtier than the gelding i have and she has always been. Bare with your mare it could just be a phase that shes going through or her age 😁👍🏼
although mares and geldings share many common qualities, they have many differences, mostly in personality. Mares are more willing to grow a connection with the rider but along with that comes sass, especially when they're going through heat. Mares have on and off days, where they might be perfect one day, horrible the next. Try making a connection with her more and spending more time with her. Make her respect you and listen to you. once she understands that you're the leader, your rides will get a lot easier! remember, not every ride will be perfect but make sure to stay positive and eventually you will love riding her!
Every horse is different and that may not depend on whether you ride a gelding or mare. Although mares do have a reputation of being a little moody:) I would talk to your trainer to get his/her opinion because they will know you and the horse better