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How do I get my heels downs more they always seem to slip

How do I get my heels downs more they always seem to slip
When I had this problem, still do but my uncle made me take my feet out of the stirrups and ride up and down hill it has helped me a lot, but sometimes I have to remind my self.
Riding Stirruples with your heels down will make it easier when you pick your stirrups back up:)
You don't need any fancy stirrups in order to get your heels down! Just practice like crazy! The more and more you work on yourself to keep them down it will become muscle memory and you won't even have to think about it while you ride
Lorenzini stirrups are amazing for that. They're expensive but are built at an angle so it makes it more natural to push your heels down
You can put your foot on the stair and stretch your foot down
I do heel exercises where ever i can. I will be stood on the side walk with the balls of my feet on the concrete then my heels pushed down. This helps me so much 😁
Riding stirruples😊
Hi Bella, to teach my heels to stay down I stand up in the saddle and put all my weight in my heels, kind of like the two point but standing up more. This really strengthens my leg muscles too which would also help your heels. Do this a couple times a week continually and at all different paces then maybe you'll see a difference.
Thanks, Isabel.
Hi Bella, I used to have the same problem. I did a lot of no sturrip work and worked on keeping me knees in place which put my heal down.