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How can i improve my sitting trot position and my jumping position ?

How can i improve my sitting trot position and my jumping position ?
For jumping u have to approch the jump sitting up and looking ahead the whole time, to keep ur legs from sliding back at the jump u have to keep ur leg on and keep ur heels down by putting weight in ur sturrips, keep ur bott back and kinda stick it out keeping ur legs forward from not sliding back, realese so u dont pull on ur horses mouth
For sitting trot instead of bouncing around u have to sit up and back and move ur seat back and forth, if u want to shorten ur stride u have to open up ur thighs a little and not move ur seat as much, if u want to lengthen the trot stride u have to move ur seat more and keep ur leg on
If you want to improve your sitting trot position you have to practice taking off the stirrups, helps a lot! And with your jumping position you have to cross cavalettis and be sure that your position it's really good!
For sitting trot lots and lots of practise! At dressage Champs our sitting trots we're compulsory - silicone seat breeches helped!
For sitting trot try to loosen your stomach and straighten your back shoulders back and head up and try not to bounce around. Keep your leg a little extra stoop but don't squeeze them. For jumping I would say open your shoulders and keep your elbows in, not airplane toes, heels down and keep your back straight. Hope this helped!!
@jennifergelber yeah my horses have quite big strides and billy hes very bouncy 👍🏼
Hold your two point at walk , Trot and canter for a full lap or two, do this once every ride and you'll grow stronger !
Practice!! But some horses just have a a big trot so it might be harder😂
practice. squats help so much with leg strength. I've also found that, even though, of course, you need to focus on your horse while riding, really think about your two point whilst jumping:)
My horse isnt very well behaved😂 If i let her reins go she will gallop off coz i have dropped the contact from her mouth. No stirrups is okay on her but she wont respond to your leg if you dont have it in the right place 😂@Izzyarmstrong
For sitting trot ( if your horse is well behaved ) try sitting trot with no reins or stirrups, you will realise how much you balance with your hands when you don't need to, then take your reins back and try again
When doing a sitting trot try dropping your stirrups and squeeze with your legs like you're going to wrap your legs around the horse! For jumping just remember to not go into a two point to early, keep your shoulders back, and release
Try sturupless!
Here's a great stirrup less riding video:
Definitely relax! I done lots of no stirrups to help my sitting trot position.

Also tying your reins in a knot and letting go three strides before jumping really helps with your balance.

As for your leg position whilst jumping, which I am currently working on, I tie some string to my girth and tie my stirrups with it whilst I'm jumping so my legs can't slip back

Hope this helps!
Riding without stirrups had helped my position alot, while relaxing your knee. Try to balance yourself with your back, stretch ut and push forward with your hips.