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Is 16 to old for a horse to buy ?

Is 16 to old for a horse to buy ?
I would buy a horse that's 6-14 so that the horse isn't to tired and worn out and you can show it for a few years before it get older horse stuff like arthridic and alll that stuff. But if your leasing or just riding it's perfectly fine. But to buy I would suggest 6-14 years old so it can jump higher and show in bigger and longer event
No there's a horse at my barn that's 31 and is still well
No... mine was fifteen when I bought him
Personally I would like to buy a horse that's about 10 so they can jump a lot for a good 5 - 10 years. It's really a personal preference and what your going gone on do with the horse is important to. 16 isn't to old and the horse can do a lot if it's in good shape.
I totally disagree, 16 is usually a great age as they usually* have more experience and awareness- they can be relaxed for a first buy !😊
Nope I wouldn't say to old I have had my horse 6 years he is now 17 and has never been as fit and he still acts like a 5 year old. I would look into the horses history and make sure he hasn't done too much if you are hoping to compete etc? My first Dutch Warmblood was 16 when I got him he was an ex international show jumper and he was great for me to start but had to be retired at 20 due to being over worked when younger. But apart from that as long as the horse suits and is fit and healthy I think age is just a number😊
I bought my horse when he was 17, he is now 20 and we are still competing. So it depends on how fit, and what yo are going to do with it ;)
It depends what you are doing with the h
16 is not too old. My horse just turned 16 a few days ago and she's as healthy as... Well... A horse 😂
Don't buy a 16 year old
Depends on what you intend on doing and how healthy they are
Depends on what you intend doing with it, how fit & healthy, older horses are great teachers
I think it depends on how fit the horse is and it's history
I don't think so because I have a 20 year old that looks like he's 3 so yeah
It's not too old but if you want to compete you should think about the future. Like in a year a want jump xcm could this horse jump that with 17? I mean, if you are investing you should think about everything: your goals, gets opinion, competition perspectives...
I dont think 16 is to old but it depends of his physical condition .
No way, I have a 18 year old and a 20 year old horse and they both do what I ask with no problems.
No older horses are to best! Just make sure that it's healthy!