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What's everyone's most important thing to bring for shows?

What's everyone's most important thing to bring for shows?
The horse😂 Tack, tackcleaner, extra brushes, extra water buckets
Other than the basics I like to bring lots of treats and I also bring leather cleaner for if your tack or boots get dirty and also if your horse foams in it's mouth u should bring a rag to clean their mount
extra socks, extra shirt (bc who doesn't spill something on their show shirt over lunch break 😂), and an extra pair of gloves lol!
Horse!! 😂 Or my tack! Or my lucky socks 😂
Besides the basic! I would recommend bringing maybe a change of clothes so you don't have to wear your show clothes all day! Also I would bring sunscreen
Feed helmets water buckets and brushes
Other than the basics (boots, saddle, helmet, etc.) I always make sure I have an extra show shirt and extra pair of breeches in case one rips while you are at the show. I also always carry around a backpack that usually includes a crop, several different lengths of spurs, extra hairnets, a gatorade, a protein bar and some filling snacks, a hat, sunscreen, portable phone charger, and the show schedule for that day/weekend.