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Do you remember the first horse you rode?

Do you remember the first horse you rode?
I used to 3 years ago atleast lol
I ride a small Shetland named reebok
Yep! Being only around 4'7" at the time, I was sat on this amazing, sweet draft horse named Herbie. I'm so happy to say he still lives at our facility, so I get the chance to see him and occasionally ride him!
No because ive never been to one 😂😂
Yep it was my sisters old horse Spotty. He was an leopard appy stallion 😂 But he was a pony
The first horse I rode was Sebastian the strongest horse at our barn 💪
First horse I ever sat on was named Rusty, he was 42 and I ended up falling off, the first pony I ever owned was named Fairy Dust (Sprite)
Yes! Here name was Strawberry! She died last year