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What's the best thing to do at horse shows? I haven't been doing the best last shows and I need to make a comeback!

What's the best thing to do at horse shows? I haven't been doing the best last shows and I need to make a comeback!
I don't do shows cause I dont like them but my main suggestion I should have fun and enjoy the moment
Make sure you and your horse are prepped and calm and try to walk or graze him around the ring so he gets used to the surroundings also in the ring stay focused and practice your course a lot in your head to remeber were to go
Especially when I am having a bad show, I make sure to think about how happy I am to be there. Watch some fun and exciting classes happening around the show grounds and set goals for yourself for tomorrow, the next show, the next year, or even for a few years down the road. It can be really frustraiting when you have a bad round, but try to relax and find something to enjoy at the show!
be nice. smile. look the part (i.e. make sure EVERYHING is as clean as can be). clean tack, clean boots, nice and well put together tack (like color combinations) always makes the rider look flashy and put together, which is always a good thing.
Always smile ! Even if you get the wrong distance or if your horse trips, even give a laugh, always pat your horse at the end but wait for the whistle, don't trot into or out of the gaits of a hunter arena. Don't get hungry or dehydrated ! It'll make you super tired, also if your horse eats too much grass he'll have green spit so stick to hay lol! Go a day early and walk around the grounds , school in the arenas if your aloud so he'll be comfy, and make sure your riding in a bit your comfortable with. Have fun!!
ALWAYS pat/pet your horse while riding past the judges! I learned that from an IEA Show! When you slow down to a walk make sure to reward your horse with a pat. Make sure to congratulate the other competitors near the judges too! When you're riding always stay calm and remember to stay focused and Belvedere will stay focus too.
And make sure he's 110 percent! Clean, calm, happy, but still forward enough!
Make sure your horse knows the environment! Take him for walks and if he's excited lunge him! Or you could let your coach school him in a smaller class!
I always say thank you to the judges and be nice to your competitors. The judges like when u r nice and sweet 😂❤️