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What's your guys fav breed?

What's your guys fav breed?
Thoroughbred and Andalusian
Warmblood or Thoroughbred
Walkinghorse crosses. I have 2 walkinghorse crosses one is a chestnut roan and the other is a cremello.
Welsh x Thoroughbred is a good cross ! They are super athletic
Irish sport horse or thoroughbreds
Exmoor pony
Irish draught and Connemara pony
Welsh pony
Akhel Teke!
Canadian horse!
Connemara for ponies and Friesian for horse!!
Definitely holstiner
Gypsy Vanner! So gorgeous!
Thorough bread
Quarter Horse
Connemara and Hanoverian:)
whatever breed can soundly do the discipline the rider wishes and be happy doing it... i am biased towards thoroughbreds
Quarter horse, Arabian, and Dutch warmbloods