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How do u canter on a horse

How do u canter on a horse
Put you inside rein up and across and squeeze but while you’re squeezing kiss and if you have a crop hit the horse on the butt with it.
For a beginner, ask within the corner by keeping your inside leg on the girth, outside leg slips back behind the girth (with added pressure) in order to ensure proper lead, make sure you can see the inside eiye slightly.
You ask from a walk or trot. When walking when you want to canter get a marching walk and then squeeze never kick and if squeeze doesn't work cluck and squeeze and if you have a crop give them a tap. When trotting sit deep and squeeze also click sometimes is a crop if necessary
Well a way for beginners is to sit kick and say canter or make a sound (clicks or kisses) but a better way is to tilt your horses head to the rail, kick with inside leg and ask for it at a brisk trot!😊