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How old can you jump a horse?

How old can you jump a horse?
Wow ok thanks you guys.. yayy
My horse is 27 and still likes to pop over a 3 straight bless him 😂
My horse is 21 and after every jumping ride I cool him out for a good 10 mins, however I don't jump very high. As a horse gets older their joints can get sensitive . Depending on health I'd say 24 might be the cut off for jumping .
It really all just depends on the horse. I've known horses that can jump well into their 30s and others who retire much sooner. It all just depends on the horse's health and the care it is in.
There's a horse at my trainers barn that is 33 years old he he can still jump 3ft
Depends on how the horse is with leg back or body problems if it has any problems and you can still ride it I would only jump it a 18 inch crossrail or vertical but if he is healthy and over 18 I would say about 2"3 would be the most to jump him or 2"6
You can really jump a horse at any age if they are trained or if they don't have any leg problems