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How to make good equine photographies?

How to make good equine photographies?
as far as what? I do equine photography so most of my photos I have taken or someone that I trust and who I've shown how to take them using my good camera. How I get my photos when I'm taking them really depends on what I'm after and what discipline I'm shooting for. Oh and where I am sat I'm at s show and taking jumping photos I pick a good jump that's facing me and try to get everyone there. And in western trail I pick the gate or bridge usually. Contesting I will go so I get the first barrel, or the end of the poles. If I'm doing portrait type I have tricks to get the ears forward.
Hello Connor,
This is a good question, in competitions I do nothing special to prepare myself, because each interior is different so you never know how the track is going to be or how going to be the light. So it's me who adapts according to the unfolding of things ... For example, one can not tell a rider to stop for the photo, it is all the complexity.
However, for the prepared shootings, I always manage to have information about the horse, his character, his favorite places, what he likes ... A tip never take a horse to a place that does not know The horse will never be well in the game of the picture and it is a shame because we waste time !!
I find that contact with the horse is very important, before each shoot go to see him, caress him, show him my cameras, so that he sees that I am not there to hurt him, and so on. .. I do not make abrupt gestures. To get his attention, I discovered that the phone works well (sounds) for a moment because after that it no longer interests him.
The last difficulty is to get their attention without making a sudden gesture, I found a simple solution but making noises with his mouth or sounds on the phone, attract them more than call them :). For adjustments, everything depends on the device we have but the keyword is adaptation, because you really have to adjust to each moment in relation to the sun, brightness, shadows, ...
I hope this helps :) bye