How to recognize the symptoms of heart sufficency problems’ in horses?

Hello Emily,
Heart sufficiency problems’ is a serious disease in a horse, there is too a form congestive which are really serious too. It usually appears in horses with previous heart problems. A number of symptoms help to identify this disease. The symptoms are:
- hematoma, edema, haemorrhage which cause swelling of certain organs or parts of the body, eg limbs.
- A distension of the abdomen which is produced by an effusion of liquid into the abdominal cavity.
- Respiratory insufficiency caused by pulmonary edema. This is characterized by frequent coughing, noisy breathing with whistling (dyspnea), even if the horse does not make any effort.
Cyanosis can also be detected in mucous membranes and urine which become darker.
As soon as you have any of its symptoms, immediately call a veterinarian !!!
Have a good day :)
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