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Good, cheap schooling breech brand?

Good, cheap schooling breech brand?
Hi Uthara,

There are so many breech brands out there, I'll just name a few of the cheaper ones I know of. Piper breeches, from Smartpak are pretty nice and come in lots of different options! Tuff Rider and Devon Air are also pretty cheap. Kerrits have decent riding tights and Riding Sport also consistently carries nice breeches at fair prices.

Have fun shopping,
Tuff riders
The Piper breeches from Smartpak are one of my favorite! There are so many fun color combinations to choose from!
The Tredstep Symphony breeches are my personal favorite. They come in many colors and run for about $90.
Pipers are my favorites!
The piper breeches from smartpak!
In Canada, Elation is good quality for affordable prices
If in Canada, Elation from Greenhawk has some comfortable and stylish breeches for under $100
Kerrits are my favorite:)