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What is your horses show name? If you named it, explain why you chose that name.♡

What is your horses show name? If you named it, explain why you chose that name.♡
Madison Avenue
I renamed my horse when I bought her. She used to be Rochelle, but my trainer came up with the name Brenae because it means something... I forget what it means but I think it means graceful and beautiful or something like that.
Rolex Girl. Super cheesy, but my trainer would say that about my horse all the time and call her the Rolex girl... said she wouldn't be surprised if she could go to Rolex one day. 😊
My horse is Quincy and I named his show name Quintessential Casanova I named him that b/c is a player 😂 And someone else thought of the Quintessential part
My horses show name is ooh la la. I chose this name because her barn name is la la and you can't help but think ooh la la when you see her.
Lord Bazil❤️❤️❤️
Mines gangsta grandpa because mine is pretty old but he has lots of energy and is really brave ❤️
Chico Savuè his barn name is Chico and my trainer kept calling him Rico Savuè so I named him Chico Savuè
Red Hot Chili Pepper 🌶
he's red, he's hot and he's fire like a chili pepper 🔥
Honeybourne The Elusive Dream 😂😂 I didn't name him 😂
N.P. Cat! It's his racing name & I liked it so I kept it
Bella Ragazza. When I first got my horse everyone called her pretty girl. Bella Ragazza means pretty girl in Italian
High jacked because he likes to high jacked people
1-Stormy knight
2- Merric
3- Rosetta Stone I named her that because I love stuff that has to do with history!
The horse I got in 2009, his name was Nero was his barn name. Nero Van Het was his show name. But I changed his barn name to Hero
Urgent. I didn't name him but he was a racehorse so I guess that figures.