Dose anyone know any kind of feed to keep weight on a pony? Casey has been losing weight😕I have been giving him beetpulp but it's not really working😐

Alfalfa is high in protein which helps with weight gain.
i use copra meal
Try senior feed.
We use Marstall Western! And it works verry well, a little expensive..
Equerry conditioning mash is the best feed that you will come across!!!
Order St. Hippolyt's "Reformmüsli" from Germany!👍
@cyrinecherif yes he gets 3 flakes a day which is what a pony his size shouldn't be getting. We think it may be his teeth. We r getting his teeth floated next week
@sandragrande we think it may be his teeth we r getting his teeth floated next week.
@cabunch he is a welsh pony and it's no worms because we dewormed him 2 weeks ago. We think it may be because he needs his teeth floated
Usually sweet feed or a grain called LS that's what my trainer uses
PGR grain. Dynamite products show major healthy change.
I used to feed my horse a gallon can of sweet feed. It might help.
I feed triple crown feeds
Is he/she a thoroughbred?? If so I would call I vet because worms are very common in loosing weight. Also when I talked to a vet about the same thing they said to mix a little bit of colonial oil with rolled oats!!
Contact a vet, could be something else than the food. i would contact a vet first and get advice from them, then eventually give more hay and some feed with high fat levels or add some vegetable oil to his/hers feed. has helped mine alot in the winter, when she usually goes down in weight
Equalizer might help
Maybe try hay pellets they work too.
Add speedi Beet to their feed, or if they don't get breakfast, try giving them one
Does your pony get enough hay ?
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