What is your fav type of horse? mine is either a Thoroughbred because my fav horse I ever had was one (Charley) or a Warmblood because they r the best types of horses for jumping.

Quarter Horses
Irish sport horse! So reliable and amazing at their job!
Dutch warmblood or welsh cross
My favorite are thoroughbreds and andalusians ❤️
I love Icelandic horses because of their personality and able to be such a versatile breed.
Walking horse crossed
Warmbloods and thoroughbreds!!! :)
Idk I loooove my Percheron he's super sweet but I also ride a haflinger mate who's amazing so
Friesian horse
Mine probably would be a Warmblood because I had one and I have one now. And I have a thoroughbred also.
Exmoor pony
I like holstien and oldenburg as jumpers and fjords bc I find them pretty and they seem like fun all-around horses :)
Probably a warmblood
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