What colour(s) gear do you use on your horses? Not just black or brown leather but coloured saddle pads etc

Blue and Red💙❤️
Light grey, bordeaux and hunter green are the best! I like the darker colors more but a light blue or pink can be very cute
I have a royal blue saddle pad and a aqua one as well for for my black percheron
Purple or pink
My bay horse looks good in black ,turquoise ,mint green .
I always stick the neutral colors like white, black, grey and navy! They look professional for everyday riding and showing
I have different colors for each of my horses.
1- Chestnut roan- Hunter green and black tack
2- light bay- black tack
3- Cremello- Blue and black tack.
Mine favorite color is purple and hunter green is what I put on for cross country if I go out do cross country. When I just ride around I would just wear purple and white
My favorite color combination is grey and white with a little hint of turquoise
Navy blue, I'm a sucker for matching colours so all my gear is blue or black, even down to my feed buckets 😅
I don't really like using bright colors anymore!! I did when I was younger but I really like black, white, hunter, navy, maroon, baker
Black leather. (i have a dark brown horse)
I use navy or deep dark blue, military green, red, black, dark purple, white, grey, beige. the color range is big, and i love expirimenting with colors. My favourites are beige, blue, black and red, it suits me and my horse the best
brown leather
blue, white or black saddlepad & ear net
and white or brown veredus boots
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