My horse doesn't let me pick up his hooves to clean them.... Have any ideas?

Thank I'll try that.
My horse wouldn't pick his hoof up for me the first couple days I got him now he does it perfectly. Maybe there is an issue with trust, your horse might be trying to tell you that it's painful on the other side and he/she doesn't want to put to much pressure on that side. Or it just might not understand what you want from him/her try changing your technique of picking up hoofs(: hope this helped😁
I've tried that.
Lean on your horses shoulder it will release the pressure on that hoof
Yes he was worked with when he was a baby. Now he is a retired cutting horse, but he let you pick em up but then hurries to put them down. I always make sure he is balanced.
Did anyone worked with it when it was a baby? that's how it starts.
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