Ask @harasdelabelletiere1 : How do you react when you are given a horse that is frightened?

Hello Kelsie,

We have welcomed about 1500 horses since the opening of the Center, all of them passed in all of them passed in all the fitness equipment and to the river even those that were announced to us particularly difficult, or very worried. For these cases we carry out a work of education and restoration of confidence that begins in the box, continues in the court and ends in the center by an initiation course. When the horse is serene after trying all the devices we start it in one of the mats with a methodology that makes the adaptation time very short, a few seconds. This is the basis of what we teach in our various training courses, these training courses are then enriched by the implementation and implementation of the care protocols. You can consult all this by surfing on our website

Team haras de la Belletière
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