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How do you stop a horse from CRIBBING?

How do you stop a horse from CRIBBING?
Cribbing colat
Cribbing is not just annoying behaviour, but it can be a symptom too. It's a sign that the horse is unhappy or stressed. Sometimes horses do it when they've just been moved or if they dont have enough time out in the field or enough exercise. They could also be bored. Maybe get him some sort of game or lick to occupy his mind. So just make sure he is as comfortable and as happy as he can be. It can also just be a habit because of events in the past where he was stressed and uncomfortable. Hope this help 😀 and please don't just try and mask the problem, but try to find the root so that your horse is as happy as can be 👍
A cribbing collar
Cribbing is a stereotypic behaviour, which means that it's a habitual, stress-relieving behaviour. Forcefully stopping the behaviour using devices or other means may actually stress the horse out and make the problem worse if you ever stop preventing it. Ask your vet whether your horse is likely to have ulcers or another "hidden" health problems that could be making the cribbing worse, solve what you can, and then let it crib! Your aim should be to reduce the frequency and violence of the cribbing, rather than stopping it altogether. Hope that helps ☺️
It happens, One of my friend's horses broke his bridle and his bit came up and smack him in the face left bump on his nose
Sometimes it does. But the one I had crib with it on and it made sores on his head.
My uncle trains horses and he said they don't work....
Yes that's it
A cribbing collar
There's something u can put on them but I can't think of the name right now.