Does anyone have tips for taking show jumping pictures or action pictures of horses in genera?

Hey Uthara,

My camera has a sports setting that allows me to take quick action shots, it's how I get all my riding pictures! I just hold the button down and it takes pictures in a burst until I let up. Then I have a few different stages of the moment I was trying to capture and I delete what I don't like. (For example: I would have a picture of the horse approaching the jump, taking off, over the jump, landing, and pulling away from the jump.)

Hope this is useful,
That does help, thank you! What do you usually set your shutter speed at?
Hi Uthara,
I think, the three keywords are: patience, observation, responsiveness. Just patience and perseverance are useful for take pictures. We live in a world where everything goes very fast! A short question that leads to long speeches! You have to surround yourself with good people who will advise you on photography and how to improve ...
Personally, I have a Canon 1Dx et 5D MkIII, my lens are canon (70-200 2.8) and sigma art (35mm 1.4, et 12-24). Actually, I realized with the time, I use frequently the same lens and keep only this trio.
I hope this helps, bye :)
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