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Favorite breed of horse ?? Looking for ideas to buy a horse?

Favorite breed of horse ?? Looking for ideas to buy a horse?
Depending on what you want to do, but a Quarter horse X Arab is a really nice mix. They can be used in all Disciplines. :)
Percheron X 😍😍
German Oldenburger!!
American Quarter Horse or an American Paint Horse
It really depends on the capability of the horse to do what you need it to do!
I personally love ottb horses! They are pretty versatile and have such big personalities.
Ohh I like the sound of that
good price^^
Ya i'd say so... if u could find a thoroughbred cross breed of some kind for a good prove that would be a good dressage horse. Oldenburgs and danish warmbloods are popular to but they can be expensive depending on your price range
Are they expensive though?
Andalusians are commonly seen in the olympics
I do like Thoroughbreds. My first horse that I had/have a real connection with was a Thoroughbred
I lease a Dutch Warmblood and he awesome to ride. But he is so spooky. He used to be a hunter and I don't know how he passed as a hunter haha
dressage is a good sport for warmbloods or thoroughbreds cross breeds like friesian cross breeds too
Warmbloods r pretty good dressage.
I have ridden a Quarter horse and they are fun to ride
I am Dressage rider. Anything that can be worked with that is sort of green.
Quarter Horses are just a great all around breed from english to western