Ask @harasdelabelletiere1 : Is river balneotherapy more effective than aquatic treadmill?

Hello Amber,

River is better for inflammation following injury, tendinitis or infection
Aquatic treadmill is better for the programs of body-building of the back and the shoulders

In fact the two are complementary (we often combine the two on a day).
The river brings through the current of massages on the limbs, through the cold an anti-inflammatory effect, through the trace elements of well being, without forgetting a relaxing and soothing effect .....
The aquatic carpet in addition to the anti-inflammatory effect of the more or less cold water allows in the worst case to keep the horse convalescent in activity and in the best case it allows to propose to the horse a good program of musculation. ....
You can check our website, the videos you will find will illuminate the interest of each of our equipment

Team haras de la Belletière
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