Ask @harasdelabelletiere1 : What is your classical protocol when a new horse arrives? How do your decide his program?

Hi Connor,

At the arrival of the horse, we establish a check-up of ownership with the owner. This report allows us to know the activity of the horse, his food rations, his medical and surgical history, if the horse is followed by an osteopath, its therapeutic history, and treatments associated with JO. We also inquire about his behavior, (what he likes or dislikes, etc.), if he has already done treadmill, on the purpose of the cure (break, physical preparation, rehabilitation, care post-traumatic, etc.) and the estimated cure time. The results are then communicated to the veterinary surgeon who carries out the veterinary visit, which is a must for our cures. The veterinarian then carries out a clinical, dynamic examination and, if necessary, completes his examination by ultrasounds or X-rays (room and imagery present at the center). It’s from this visit that the individualized care protocol is established.

Team haras de la Belletière
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