Whats everyones favorite stirrups to jump in? I currently have royal rider with cheese grater footbed which i love the stability! but want to try others

I've got Sprenger bow balance, great for sensitive ankles and knees and they keep your leg in the right position. They have rubber on the sides so they will bend along with your feet. If you fall and you have one foot in the stirrup, the bending-effect will make it slip right through, wery secure!
I have the Flexon stirrups with anti-slip on it :) very fancy and comfy (made in France)
Mark Todd Flexi Irons are wonderful, especially if you have old back or leg injuries as they really help with shock absorbing.
Flex on stirrups
Lorenzini stirrups are amazing I love mine!
Thanks Georgie, Ive seen them before and was curious on the reviews wasn't sure if they were super grippy, ill look into them!
Jin stirrups help keep your leg in the same position and it's hard to lose your stirrup, they're super lightweight but easy to get back if you need to
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