does anyone have any secrets on selling a horse fast? i've put her on a lot of online sites. i've been spreading the word. i've put up a lot of flyers as well... anything else?

Tell work friends. Work spreads things fast. That's how I got my horse!! The horse was mentioned to one of my moms friends from work so we checked him out!
Making an add on has helped me tons in the past. showing the horse or even just taking them to the grounds is good too
Try showing her more to get her name out there and post the best pictures of her! So people think she is perfect and beautiful and don't post dirty dusty pictures of her and none of her being fresh or unhappy. Also try big.eq it's a great website it sells horses to good owners and over 100 people see horses every day
Take the horse to shows. Horses usually sell faster when they are out on the show grounds where people don't have to travel to try the horse out.
post a video of her doing her job and post the video on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, or other media you have.
It depends on what the price is.
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