Ask @harasdelabelletiere1 : What are the programs that you propose for horses who had very heavy surgery (colics, broken bone…)?

Hi Amy,

This is an unusual demand in postoperative surgery, but it is important to take up a progressive and controlled activity and to restore a harmonious musculature for this we rely on the visit veterinary entry sometimes supplemented by a Osteopathic assessment to define the limits of the horse and from there we build programs in the carpets and other equipment to help the horse to exceed these limits until it regains the fullness of its physical and psychological means.
For us, each case is unique and we can not define a program or protocol until we have seen the horse and defined its capacities, its limits and brought them closer to the objectives of the owner.
Have a look on our site all this is developed there.

Team haras de la Belletière
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