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Tips to help sit the sitting trot?

Tips to help sit the sitting trot?
Relax and tighten your core muscles slightly, Boobs out 😝 And don't squeeze with your legs
Shoulders like a queen hips like a whore ... I know it's sounds bad but it's true
Relax, sit back, and don't squeeze too much with your thigh and knee.
Relax into the saddle and don't tighten your legs too much, use your stomach muscles to control the pace
Let your legs absorb the bounce and sit really tall.
Lean back a little with your shoulders and keep the trot slow but collected using leg and rein
Push you hips to your hands and sit back😊
try lowering your stirrups or doing no stirrups at all. The key is to sit back, relax your back (like jelly on a plate as my instructor would say) and don't grip with your knees