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Tips on adapting quickly to riding different horses?

Tips on adapting quickly to riding different horses?
Ask questions if possible as to what his issues are, if hes lethargic or sensative. Etc. When I get on, I start with giving the horse the benefit of the doubt and start light and soft you will know in a few minutes what he needs.
If I have to ride a new horse I just do what I would do with a familiar horse, because I know I'm the boss, throughout the ride you should become more comfortable with the horse. :)
Ride as many horses as you can get your hands on! Always challenge yourself although this doesn't mean taking up riding a horse that is way out of your skill level. Also, start small and then work your way up with cues. You don't want to put too much leg on a horse that requires a soft hand and seat etc
Relax figure out the horse's habits and quirks to make your ride