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How to properly maintain a paddock?

How to properly maintain a paddock?
Uhm consistent cleaning and proper draneage
Hello Ben,
The prairie plant species that are mainly sought after by horses are grasses and forage legumes. They provide the necessary nutrients for the functions of maintenance, growth or lactation depending on the physiological stage of the animal.
To properly maintain a meadow, we must: "limit the development of weeds" by selective weeding or mowing techniques.
It is necessary to make a harrowing in the autumn it makes it possible to pluck the creeping plants, and the harrowing has an aerating effect. But it does not increase the productivity of the grassland. It is necessary to prepare the mowing surfaces
One of the most important parts is that it is necessary to cover the bare areas (due to excessive trampling) by a new planting so that this area does not spread too much.
The technique I advise strongly is to separate the meadow into different plots so that the horse can always have good grass. This method also allows the other plots to have a fallow period and therefore the grass grows back.