Ask Team Haras de la Belletière : My horse had tendonitis last July-August. He's about to start working again. How long it normally takes for a horse to start jumping again after he's been off for at least 8months?

Hi Beth,
In the case of a tendonitis the time to resume normal work is about 10 months plus or minus 2 months depending on the quality of the horse's tissues.

In your case the horse stayed 8 months in reduced mobility, the protocol that we propose then is the following one:
- Ultrasound of control to check the quality of the healing,
- If everything is in order of resumption of the work mounted about 60 mn with the step during the first week and added 5 mn of trot every 2 weeks, to arrive at the famous 3 x20 mn (20 mn of steps, 20 mn of trotting, 20 mn to not)
- At the end of these 10 weeks ultrasound control
- Progressive resumption of normal work on the 11th week if the image of the ultrasound shows a perfect healing.
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