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What's your favorite horse breed ? 🐴🐴🐴🐴

What's your favorite horse breed ? 🐴🐴🐴🐴
Arabians/ mustangs/ hanoverian
dutch warmbloods (really any warmblood tbh) & thoroughbreds
thouroughbreds or Quarter Horses
I do love a cob or an Irish sports horse 😍
Holsteiners, thouroughbreds, and quarter horses
Hanoverian and ISH
irish sport horse, thoroughbred & quarter horse
Pony of America ❤️
Dutch halvf blood⭐️
Definitely any type of Warmblood!
I don't have one
KWPN or Hannoverian
Spanish horses, PRE. Definitely 💞 When you ride a PRE it doesn't matter if it's a young or an experienced horse, he will never buck you off, run away, go crazy... they are so loyal... the best horse for learning dressage (of course you are not competing with them international but it's a great horse to teach you and allow you fail) or just going outside for a trail.
Dutch Warmbloods - they are very level headed.
Connemaras are great because they can fight any weather, their tough and great jumpers