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Favorite horse breed and why?

Favorite horse breed and why?
Selle Francais or Oldenburg because they are so noble and great at uumping
A mix of thoroughbred type and a hardier breed! So have a mixture of temperaments but are still athletic 😊
Pony of Americas are the best!!
For show jumping warmbloods and Selle Francis definetly have a great ability to jump the big height
I loooovvvveeeee Friesians, but I do love Quarabs-(Quarter horse X Arab)- I used have one and he was a great allrounder. :)
Percheron bc I have one lol but their gaits tend to be either smooth or easily ridable :)
Quarter horses are great because they are awesome all-rounders, however they are more mainly used for western sports and cattle things. Personally I have a QHx and he is a great jumper and does well on the flat.
Thoroughbred/Irish sports horse because of the wonderful ability to jump
Warmblood because they can jump and there temperament is really good.
American Quarter Horse because they are an all around horse, short and stocky cow horse and built for speed.