I have a young mare who is not very good at cantering on the right lead, but today it was impossible for me to get her to canter right. Any tips that can help?

With my young horses to start with I always bend their head to the outside and trot on the wrong diagonal and push them into canter until they are more balanced and have better understanding of your aids. Repetition is key 😊
Surprisingly it works!
This is kind of cheating and used for young horses but... try bending her head to the outside
Ask for canter in corners or circles and over exaggerate your aid, and remember to look where you're going for a few strides before checking because if she is on the wrong lead and there's always a down trans straight after that could make her difficult to keep going in the canter. Once her transitions into canter are becoming more consistent slowly decrease the exageration
If you try trotting in a small circle to the right and easing into the canter there, it is very difficult to miss the right lead, because the horse's inside shoulder is dropping in during a circle, causing them to pick up the right lead. It is always easier to get a lead out of a turn.
Only use your inner leg for the transition from trot to gallop. Be careful with your inner hand.
Just get the horse comfortable with the right side by trotting and bending right and then once he or she is comfortable try a transition to the canter
sometimes it's not even the horses fault, make sure you're on the right diagonal! and if you are then try everything the other's said ahaha
My horse had the same problem, and the way we got him cantering was very simple, i jumped a very small fence and that way he always got the canter right i rewarded him. I know thats not a usual way but it worked...
I try to ask on a circle, and that seems to help quite a bit.
Doing lots of transitions help too. W/t t/h w/h t/w etc..... helps get them working off your leg.
My horse did that. What worked is sometimes doing a simple change across the arena or ask on a circle. Other wise Make sure you sit through the transition, wieght in your inside leg... ask with inside leg, opening inside rien (lift up more) keep your contact in your outside rien.
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