What is a good show name for a horse named Dixie?

Dixie Cup
Dancing Dixie
Dilly Dally Dixie
Hot shot
Winn Dixie
Dancing Dixie
Dazzle 'n' Daze
Femme Fatale (which is dangerous women in French), if your horse is a chestnut maybe Little Red or Redneck Rough.
She's a Dixie chick
Well, if she's has registered parents or if her parents have show names u can take a word from both of their names and put it at the from of the name, for example: The stallion is Chiefs JR special boy and the mare is MJ olympic tulip and the foals name is Izzy, you could make the foals show name Chiefs Olympic Izzy. I hope this helps and in the end i'm sure you will find a wonderful name for ur horse 😁
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