I have a 7yo mare by Newmarket Jewel who I event at 1*/ Novice level. She is very strong cross country and I would struggle to hold her, bit/ noseband advice? She is in a pelham.

Elena I did have her in a gag
Would a gag be too severe for her?
Thanks everyone for the suggestions, she went well in a kimblewick but think the tongue port was rubbing top of her mouth so have ordered a double jointed one and will try it with a flash. Unfortunately two ring worked for a while and then she got to know what she was doing xc!
use an elevator bit, works but doesn't rip their face off
I suggest a crank it keeps their mouth more closed and gets more control or a kimberwick is very strong if you don't want to get a bit try crank with flash or a figure eight bridle
A two ring is really nice and also when you are not jumping try to use a different bit because then the horse does not get annoyed with the bit, this really helped me
I used to use a Pelham as my horse is strong but I felt like he was fighting against me so I tried a softer but still a strong-ish bit this helped a lot and he's not fighting with me as much aha :)
I used a Pelhamfor a while and he always struggled with me after I switch off to a softer bit he never struggled again. Try change the bit on gallope day to see if she's comfortable enough before schilling or XC.. sometimes less is more
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