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What human products can I use on my ponys tail and mane?

What human products can I use on my ponys tail and mane?
Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner. It works on both people and horses.
mane n tail shampoo and conditioner
I use my conditioner on my horses and it makes they're hair nice and soft
Mane & Tail (technically for horses but ive used it on my own hair and it works very well lol)
Hair conditioner
Hairspray to keep your plaits in place. Purple shampoo for greys and a chalk block for small morning stains !!
Tresemme mousture conditioner, cheap and really effective!
Baby soaps
Baby brands, like Johnson other ones that don't irritates their eyes.. i use baby shampoo because he doesn't like water all over so if it touches his eyes at least doesn't irritates them
Use mane and tail shampoo it's really good and quite cheap 💕💗
What kind of baby wipes @annsophiesaul
What brand shampoo and conditioner @prazeresmaria
I use shampoo and conditioner and I put Johnson oil
I just use any simple shampoo I can find cheap and cheerful 👍🏼
I am also using baby whipes for a extra shining coat😬
We always use washing up liquid to wash our horses
Coconut oil 😊