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How do I clip a horses whiskers and eyelashes?

How do I clip a horses whiskers and eyelashes?
I use a human shaving razor but very gently
You NEVER clip their eyelashes but the whiskers you use 10 blade clippers or use a plastic producte called horse shave
I would never clip either. The whiskers and the eyelashes are sensorial structures and are like a "third eye" to the horse. These tactile hairs help horses avoid obstacles they can't always see near their faces (they have blindspots) and help them tell things apart such as food and water from other unedible things. They are very important and shouldn't be sacrificed for aesthetic reasons.
Would clip the whiskers but never do the eyelashes x
I clip the whiskers but only a tiny bit of there long! But I would never clip the eyelashes:)
You don't cut them, they're way too important for horses