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Any tips on how to hold a really strong horse who charges at jumps ? 🐴 🏇

Any tips on how to hold a really strong horse who charges at jumps ? 🐴 🏇
Thanks so much I'll try this @amiechang
Lots of canter poles a few strides before the jump should make him think a bit more hope this helps!
Ok thanks @roxxxy Andrews
You can try putting 2 jumps in a row 2 strides distance from one another... and then you can increase the number of jumps or reduce the strides. He can't rush with jumps so close together. Problably wont work at first, and he will be hitting the bars, but with practice he will learn to control himself
If your horse rushes or pulls you into it do a circle straight after the landing coming back over the jump each way, this makes him listen to you and relaxes him more for the next jump, do it with 3 jumps in a row with a one stride distance and after each do a circle coming over it, for example jump the first, do a circle right and jump again then do a circle left then jump then straight to the second fence, jump, circle right and back over fence 2 and then circle right over fence 2 again and so on :) hope this helps :) x
put a pole on the ground a stride in front of the jump and another one a stride away and jump it a couple of times, will teach your horse to look at what its jumping and to slow down
Using a running martingale might also help limit how much leverage he can gain by not letting his head come up too far. Also, horses are able to lean against you when you pull back and and just hold the pressure, if you half halt it will interrupt him more and he can't lean against it so he might be more inclined to back off if you do a few half halts when going up to a jump :)
Ok thank so much @katelynvandenburg
When your turning sit back and hold really hard until he picks up his to front feet and then only move your hands up an inch so he doesn't take off after. And try to make circles infront of it so he knows not to charge at it every