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Do you pull your horses mane or cut it?

Do you pull your horses mane or cut it?
Cut. People say pulling is better but it takes so much longer and I feel like it's uncomfortable for the horse. I cut at an angle though so it doesn't look chopped. I've never had a problem with frizzing I always get compliments at the barn about his mane
Cut. Always
Pull always, then trim the ends. Makes the mane thinner also. Only if the mane was very thin naturally would I cut it
I back comb the mane and then cut. It gives you the same look as a pulled mane but without the discomfort pulling causes 😊
I pulled me mare's mane and it frizzed up? Then I cut the fuzzy ends and now it looks much better.. no fuzz?
If you pull it gives it a nicer look if you doing showing or things like that but if your show jumping it not baced on turn out so you can cut it but there is some tool you can buy that cuts the mane but it give the look that you've pulled it if your horse is sensitive
Neither. I let my horses manes grow out. I trim them and keep them tidy but let them grow naturally 😊
Cut 🙊 I can't stand pulling manes....I think it must be really really painful 😭
Pull , you should never cut
PULL!! i could never cut my horses mane, i think it looks strange. pulling makes it look a little more natural for showing.
I cut mine, but if I pull it she attacks me! She's huge so it's not worth it.
Pulling (as cutting makes it frizz up )
Pulll, when you cut it the mane looks very unnatural. Mostly all hunters pull their mane, but in the end it's your horse so you can decide
I cut mine 😃
Personal, I think it depends on the horse. If your horse has a thick mane, pulling is better, but if your horse has a thin mane, cutting it will save the hair
everyone at my barn pulls.